Many craft breweries are thinking green this St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not talking about the green food coloring in the beer type of green, but the cold hard cash type of green that has many craft brewery owners feeling the luck of the Irish.

While many craft brewery owners insist on doing what they do for the love of the craft, a number of brewery owners have cashed in on the boom that is craft beer. Some have entered partnerships or sold off controlling shares in their company to assure financial success going forward, while other owners have made the not so popular decision to do so with the intention of growing their business to never before seen levels.

I for one appreciate the notion that ‘American’ beer found around the world will now be represented by the likes of Lagunitas Brewing Company, Stone Brewing and other quality craft brewers looking to expand their reach to continents around the globe.

For years, people residing in South America, Europe or as far as China were most likely offered a Bud when requesting an American beer overseas. I think it’s time for the world to see the high quality beer currently being produced in the U.S.

It’s important to the local economy that the locals purchase the products made here in our own communities, but completely acceptable to continue with old traditions to celebrate the holidays. I will do both this St. Patrick’s Day by enjoying a Black and Tan made with Guinness and Bass, then having a second Black and Tan made with two local beers of the same style.

Click here for directions on how to make a Black and Tan at home.

-Peter Lopez Jr.

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