The 12th Annual release of Pliny the Younger will take place today, February 5th. The triple IPA made by Russian River Brewing Company will be available at the downtown Santa Rosa brewpub through February 18th. Long lines for entry into the pub are expected to form daily.

Locals will tell you that your best bet for a shorter wait is to show up late in the evening or to swing by on Super Bowl Sunday, while the masses gather around their televisions for Super Bowl parties. Keep in mind that there is a daily allocation set, so while getting in line late in the day makes for a shorter wait it may also mean that you risk the day’s allocation being completely depleted.

There are a handful of local establishments that receive a keg of ‘The Younger’ and figuring out who those locations are and when they will be tapping their keg is another way to avoid the long lines. Best advice I can give you on figuring that out is to check in with the Sonoma County locations that received a keg last year. Ask the geekiest of beer geek friends you may have. Chances are that he or she will have the answer or be able to get it for you. For more information and some helpful tips regarding the Pliny the Younger release, click here.

Peter Lopez Jr.

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