I’ll start by saying happy holidays knowing that not everyone that reads this blog celebrates Christmas. Those of you that do celebrate Christmas and have read about the miracles performed by Jesus may be familiar with the miracle that he performed at a wedding.

The story has been passed down that Jesus attended a wedding that took place at Cana in Galilee with his mother and disciples. It is said that Jesus converted six stone jars full of water into wine after all the wine was gone.
Many people debate that the water was turned into non-alcoholic wine, or grape juice. There are some that will debate another theory. Some say that beer was more commonly drunk by commoners in those times while wine was reserved for the elite. Two things should be noted. First, Jesus was known to associate among those considered commoners on a daily basis. Secondly, the bible has been translated and rewritten a number of times and one translation of the beverage transformed from water is “strong drink”.

During those times, in that part of the world, water was drawn from a well. It was thought of as unsafe to drink due to bacteria and was usually mixed with alcoholic beverages, which would serve to sterilize the water. If drinking watered down beer and wine was common, one might say that a non-watered down beer would be considered a “strong drink”. This thought may be a stretch on my part, but I would like to think that Jesus would enjoy a beer with a commoner like me just as likely as he would have wine with the elite.

-Peter Lopez Jr.

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