Governor Jerry Brown recently signed an Assembly Bill that will now permit craft breweries in California to communicate product availability information to their fans on social media, including where to purchase specialty beers at local stores and restaurants.

Craft beer has become big business in California and has gained the attention of the state’s leaders. The craft beer industry contributed $6.5 billion to the state economy last year and now boasts nearly 600 craft breweries, according to Tom McCormick, Executive Director of the California Craft Brewers Association. Assembly Bill 780, authored by Assembly Member Das Williams (D-Santa Barbara), was signed Thursday, October 1st.

“This is an exciting development for CCBA’s brewery members who use social media regularly to communicate with fans and potential customers. More than ever, California’s craft beer drinkers are looking to their favorite breweries for information about special releases or where to purchase their favorite craft beer at a local retail location. Prior to AB 780, a brewery could only communicate product availability after a direct inquiry from a customer. AB 780 removes the requirement for a formal request and allows for better communication between breweries and their fans, as long as two or more retail locations are included in the social media post,” said McCormick.

Updated on 10/8/15-new law goes into effect on 1/1/16

-Peter Lopez Jr.

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