Beer has been a part of civilization for thousands of years. Although we in Northern California can’t take credit for the creation of the IPA, many local residents will argue that we make it better than the rest of the world.

Russian River Brewing Company’s Pliny the Elder, a double IPA, is rated 100 points by both RateBeer and Beer Advocate. Zymurgy Magazine listed it as the best beer in America for the seventh straight year in June. Pliny the Younger, the limited production triple IPA released the first week of February each year, is currently rated the top IPA in the world by

In 2013, Thrillist released a list of the top ten IPAs in the world. The judging panel consisted of nine beer industry professionals and the list was limited to IPAs, excluding double and triple IPAs. Three of the top ten were made in Sonoma County. Russian River’s Blind Pig came in at #1, Bear Republic’s Racer 5 at #6 and Lagunitas IPA at #10.

The creation of IPA, aka ‘India Pale Ale’, is credited to England. As the story goes, beer being sent from England to troops in India, was brewed stronger and with more hops so as to survive the journey.

Whether you prefer the very popular West Coast style IPA or the more traditional English style IPA, let’s all raise a glass of IPA to celebrate its own day of recognition.

-Peter Lopez Jr.

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