Alisse Cottle and Jessica Borrayo, partners in business and life, are the proud owners of ‘Brew Coffee and Beer’ located at 555 Healdsburg Ave. in downtown Santa Rosa. Brew opened for business on January 6th of this year, specializing in craft beer, coffee, and tea.

“This place is all about craft. Craft coffee, craft beer…Everything we do is for the craft of it,” said Alisse who has over 15 years of experience in the coffee industry. She spent 10 years working for Starbucks and then went on to help Taylor Maid open a few coffee bars.

Alisse told me that she has always loved the pub/coffee house feel that you commonly find throughout Europe and the larger cities in the U.S. On any given day, you may find a neighboring patron starting their day with a cup of coffee and capping their day with one of ten craft beer options.

It was important to the partners that they had a person as passionate about beer as they are about coffee in house. Nick Garson runs the beer program at Brew and makes it a point to have constantly rotating taps that offer customers new choices from one visit to the next.

For more information about Brew’s business hours, food options, and upcoming events click here for their website.

-Peter Lopez Jr.

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