The first official Shady Oak Barrel House bottle release will take place today, December 12th. Rincon Valley Taproom and Bottle Shop will welcome Steve Doty, brewer/owner, to pour the first of what should be many releases between 4pm and 8pm. Be one of the first to try Bokonon, a farmhouse ale fermented with Brettanomyces.

Reviews like the one given by Joe Tucker, RateBeer executive director, are what is getting the local craft beer enthusiasts excited about Shady Oak. “This is very good stuff in my opinion. Definitely softer than a lot of Cantillon, more complex than something like the lacto-focused Cascade, and with more delicious brutality than Rare Barrel and with a lot of refinement, concept and yes, a touch of magic,” said Tucker.

The man behind the ‘magic’ is Steve Doty. While Steve is only in his early thirties he has already been brewing half his life. He recalls his interest in alcoholic beverages being sparked having parents that worked in the wine industry. “I was taught to respect alcohol at a young age,” said Doty. He convinced his father to purchase him a beer making kit for his 16th birthday. “It was legal to make the beer, just not to drink. Making beer is the perfect blend of art and science. I was hooked,” said Doty.

The barrel house is not yet open to the public. Steve plans on possibly opening it up for tours sometime in the first half of the upcoming year. He comes across as a confident yet humble young man and is grateful for all of the support he receives from friends and family. “I feel like I need to do this to survive. I have a ridiculous passion about what wild yeast and yeast in general can do. I would be happy to make a living where I can follow my passion” said Doty.

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