Lagunitas thinking expansion – again

With brewery #2 less than a week in operation, Lagunitas is already looking forward to brewery #3. And maybe even #4.

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Lagunitas Chicago cranks up at last

Lagunitas Chicago brewed its first batch Thursday.

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So you think you can brew?

SF Beer Week event in Santa Rosa allows homebrewers to get in on the action.

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Sonoma breweries clean up on best IPA list

Three of the top 10 are brewed in Sonoma County, according to a new ranking.

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Happy Lager Day

It's a lager world, we just live in it. Happy National Lager Day.

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HenHouse poised for huge expansion in deal with Petaluma Hills

Equipment sharing deal with Petaluma Hills will allow a 26-fold expansion for HenHouse.

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Petaluma Hills hits the beer market

After just two weeks on the market, Petaluma Hills Brewing is off to a strong start, owner JJ Jay says, though his taproom plan remains stalled.

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More on Napa Point Brewing

What is "Ultra-premium" beer? Here's a deeper look.

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More on Beer, Cider, and Spirits conference

Beer business is booming, but the age of the lager is fading, Lagunitas founder tells first ever Sonoma County Beer, Cider, and Spirits conference.

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Avery Brewing returns to Northern California

Colorado's Avery Brewing returns to Northern California market.

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Lagunitas expansion on track for December

Lagunitas says new brewery in Chicago should be operational next month.

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Will Big Beer get bigger?

Is Anheuser-Busch really on the hunt to acquire rival MillerCoors?

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Beer for the next generation?

The sale this week of Kansas City standout Boulevard to a Belgian firm (no worries, purists - this Belgian firm is Duvel, not InBev) has raised once more the question of what happens next for the early generation of breweries who led the craft beer revolution in the 1980s and [...]

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Harvest Fair adds beer to tasting lineup

  Proving that Wine Country is in fact also Beer Country, the annual Sonoma County Harvest Fair is offering a lineup of local beers this weekend. The tasting pavilion, traditionally the stomping ground for wine, will feature brew pours from Dempsey’s, Fogbelt Brewing, Lagunitas, Bear Republic, 101 North, HenHouse, and [...]

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Government shutdown stalls beer labels

Despite the fact that beer is liquid bread, it is in fact regulated at the federal level not by the Food and Drug Administration but by  the Department of the Treasury. The Treasury office known as the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, or the TTB for short, keeps [...]

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