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Three cheers for hops!

Many of you already know that the four basic ingredients used in the beer making process are water, malt, yeast and of course, hops. Water, by far, is the largest ingredient used. The beer making process would not be possible without yeast so you can’t down play its importance. The malt provides the sugars needed to be turned in to alcohol. So after stating the importance of the other ingredients you may ask yourself why hops have turned into the… Read More »

18th Annual Boonville Beer Festival coming up

The 18th Annual Boonville Beer Festival will take place at the Mendocino County Fairgrounds located at 14400 Highway 128 in Boonville, on Saturday May 3rd. The taps will be open from 1pm until 5pm. Gates open at 12:45 for those of you anxious to get in. Save fifteen dollars by purchasing your ticket in advance or pay $55 at the door on the day of the event. Keep in mind that it’s cash only at the door. If you are… Read More »

Beer and the Millennials

If you were born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s you are considered a part of Generation Y, aka the Millennials. This makes you a part of a very special group. The generations of beer and wine enthusiasts before us seemed content to separate the wine and beer lover in to two very different groups. Beer drinkers seemed to think of the wine drinker as snobby, white collar and were very much intimidated by the wine industry and… Read More »

Want to be our next beer blogger?

As the title of this blog suggests, it’s hard not to see the North Bay as “Beer Country.” From the 20 craft breweries that call Sonoma County their home to the beer festivals and news from the industry, there’s a lot hopping (sorry) these days. Well, our venerable beer blogger has left the taproom for other pursuits, so we’re looking for a new beer blogger. Interested? Send us a note why you’re the right candidate for the (unpaid) job, and… Read More »