Since everyone seems to be into ranking things on the Internet  these days, it was only a matter of time until someone went so far as to decide on the “Best Small Cities for Beer Lovers.” A website known as Credit Donkey decided to compare various factors, including population, bars per capita, walkability, and alcohol tax rates to decide which towns under 50,000 residents were the best for beer drinkers. The winner turned out to be the city of Indiana, Pennsylvania, a town of about 14,000 in the western part of the state. It features a low beer tax and one bar for every 3,703 residents.

The only California town on the list is Ukiah, which comes in at Number 3, with one bar for every 4,392 residents.

“Other than a great Walk Score, low unemployment and low beer tax rates, Ukiah also hosts several annual events that attract a large number of visitors,” the survey’s authors write. “Its Taste of Downtown in June gives residents and visitors a night to sample local microbrews and brandies in one spot while listening to local musicians.”

Ukiah also happens to be home to Mendocino Brewing Company and Ukiah Brewing, giving it a healthy dose of fresh beer for such a relatively small city.

The full list looks like this:

1. Indiana, PA
2. Traverse City, MI
3. Ukiah, CA
4. Meadville, PA
5. Corning, NY
6. Whitewater-Elkhorn, WI
7. Owosso, MI
8. Centralia, WA
9. Athens, TX
10. Sunbury, PA

The heavy representation of Pennsylvania shouldn’t be a surprise – that is a state that takes its beer very seriously. Breweries and brew pubs are everywhere, and even dive bars tend to have great stuff on tap. It took me two years to lose the brew-pub paunch when I moved back to California after seven years in Philadelphia.

-Sean Scully