Kin hosted a Ninkasi Brewing Company beer dinner on Tuesday, January 13th. The dinner was attended by a few dozen people and consisted of seven beers accompanied by seven small, but tasty barbecue dishes.

Ninkasi representative, Rob Youngern, discussed the tasting profile and gave a little history about the brewery and each individual beer. Brad Barmore, Kin owner, went into the specifics of each dish.

Brad and J.C. Adams are longtime friends and co-owners of Kin, which is located at 740 McClelland Dr. in Windsor. Kin has been open for business approximately 3 1/2 years and has put on a beer and food pairing three times a year.

“I’m more of a beer guy than a wine guy,” said Barmore who offers both at Kin.

Below are a few pictures that capture the evening. To stay informed on upcoming beer and food pairings and to learn more about Kin, follow them on Facebook at