Third Street Aleworks gave, now retired, Brewmaster Randy Gremp a well deserved going away party towards the end of 2014. Randy’s assistant brewer Tyler Laverty has since been promoted to Brewmaster and Third Street Aleworks seems confident in his beer making ability.

“After several years working closely with Randy, Tyler is well up to the task and we’re looking forward to the “twist” Tyler will undoubtedly bring to the table… 3rd Street fans who’ve really been paying attention probably recognize Tyler’s influence over the last couple years… Tyler is a great brewer and we’re looking forward to an excellent and innovative year in beer – 2015!,” was the comment posted to the official Third Street Aleworks website on Saturday, January 10th.

Randy spent many years home brewing before doing it professionally since 1992. He started at Calistoga Brewing Company and then went on to Third Street Aleworks. Tony Magee, Lagunitas Brewing Company Owner, credits Randy for inspiring him. That is a very big compliment from one of the biggest brewery owners around. Tyler will surely take his experience working with Randy and be a better brewer for it.