The holiday season is officially underway. Getting together with family and friends is surely the excuse that you’ve been looking for to pop open a special bottle of beer that has been sitting in your cellar. Here are a few things to keep in mind when bringing beer to a holiday dinner or party you may be invited to:

Not everyone is ready for that Bourbon barrel aged stout that you so generously want to share, but it is nice to offer it to everyone at the party. Pour a small taster so that people can decide for themselves. Those who don’t care for it won’t have to feel bad about being wasteful.

Belgian style beer pairs really well with the traditional turkey dinner and the sides that go with it. When trying to convert a wine drinker into a beer drinker, try suggesting a Saison. The style of beer is light enough to not overwhelm a beginning craft beer drinker, yet complex and flavorful enough to stimulate the palate. Abbey style and Belgian style golden ales should be considered as well.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone’s palate is different. What you may love, someone else may not enjoy at all. In the end, sharing is caring and most people will appreciate the thought.

-Peter Lopez Jr.