With so many great breweries opening over the last decade sometimes we start to overlook some of the pioneers that helped get the craft beer industry to where it is today. Mendocino Brewing Co. is now celebrating 31 years in the beer industry.

You may be surprised to hear that Mendocino Brewing Co. opened the first brew pub in California and the second in the nation after prohibition ended. Their alehouse is open to the public seven days a week and is located at 1252 Airport Park Blvd. in Ukiah.

Mendo Brew Co. has decided to change their label designs after not doing so for over a decade. Keith Stevenson, advertising manager, had a lot to say about the new label designs.

“This new look is the first after well over a decade.  Brands have a distinct personality, and can be clothed in the trappings of the times.  Often it becomes vital to bring the brand more in line with today’s tastes.  So it is with packaging design.  We looked at our designs and decided that the time had come to revitalize the look of our range of craft brews, and we believe that we have achieved what we set out to do.” He then added, “We also chose to simplify the fonts by going sans serif, resulting in lettering that is easier to digest on crowded store shelves.  We have but a nanosecond to catch the eyes of consumers and deliver our message, and we believe these new designs do just that.”

The new labels are expected on shelves in mid September. For more information on Mendocino Brewing Co. check out the website. http://www.mendobrew.com/home.html

– Peter Lopez