The ABCs of beer in northern California. I want to apologize if I left a worthy contributor to our beer scene out. I simply thought of a letter and jotted down the first thing that came to mind. How different does your list look in comparison to mine?

Anderson Valley Brewing Co./Anchor Brewing Co./Almanac

Bear Republic Brewing Co./Baeltane Brewing

Cellarmaker/Carneros Brewing Co.

Dempsey’s Brewing Co./Drake’s Brewing Co.

Eye of the Hawk (Mendocino Brewing Co.)

Fogbelt Brewing Co./Faction Brewing

Great White (Lost Coast Brewing Co.)

Hen House/Heretic Brewing Co.

Iron Springs Pub & Brewery

Jack McAuliffe (founder of New Albion Brewing Co.)

Knee Deep Brewing Co.

Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Marin Brewing Co./Moylan’s Brewing Co./Moonlight Brewing Co.

North Coast Brewing Co.

Out of Bounds Brewing Co.

Pliny The Elder/Pliny the Younger


Russian River Brewing Co./Ruth McGowan’s Brewpub

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co./Speakeasy Ales & Lagers

Third Street Aleworks/The Rare Barrel

Uncommon  Brewers

Vinnie Cilurzo

Warped Brewing Co./Woodfour Brewing Co.

Racer X

Have fun doing these last two…




– Peter Lopez