World Cup fever has taken over most of the world. The U.S. men’s soccer team will be playing in arguably the most important match in team history when they square off against Belgium today at 1pm.

With all due respect to Germany who is still in the tournament the matchup of the U.S. vs. Belgium had me thinking, what if this was a Beer World Cup? Imagine if a panel of judges were to taste through a flight of the best beers that each country could provide.

In an elimination style tournament I would have to put these two countries in the top four if not facing each other in the championship round. Belgium has a long and rich history. Some of the styles first produced in Belgium are favorites amongst beer lovers around the world and consistently duplicated here at home. That being said, we Americans have produced beers that have changed the way the beer industry is viewed here and overseas.

Our IPAs have taken the beer geek world by storm. We do not have the long history that Belgium has in either soccer or brewing but we pride ourselves in taking what others have done before us and elevating it to a higher level. Today I will be drinking local and rooting for the home team.

Go team USA!

– Peter Lopez