What a month it has been for Russian River Brewing Co! Zymurgy readers have voted Pliny the Elder their #1 beer for the 6th time in a row. The brewery was also named the #1 brewery commercially available in the United States by the same voters.

Vinnie and Natalie Cilurzo were just in Los Angeles being honored as the California Travel brewery of the year at the 32nd Annual California Travel Summit.

Before they headed down there, Vinnie and Natalie released a couple of beers from a side project that they have been working on. On June 22, the following statement was posted to the official Russian River Brewing Co. Facebook page: “This weekend we released a couple of beers at the pub from my and Vinnie’s new side project called Sonoma Pride! Vinnie has been crafting these new recipes for a couple of years now. We named the beers after 2 notable Sonoma County hop growing families, Amasa and Dauenhauer. Both beers are Bret-finished, bottle conditioned, and available for a limited time at our brewpub in Santa Rosa. We also have a gift-pack set with both beers and a lovely stemmed glass! Check out our website for additional info on our new fun project sonomapride.com. Cheers!”

Cheers to Vinnie and Natalie for all the well deserved success and notoriety.

– Peter Lopez