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There are an abundance of breweries opening up throughout Northern California. The majority of them are producing good quality brews. There are however a handful of recently opened breweries that are producing exceptional brews. Cellarmaker Brewing Company in San Francisco is a great example of that.

Established just one year ago in 2013, Cellarmaker has put together a line up of beers as tasty as any  other brewery I’ve been to in the last couple years. That lineup can change from one visit to the  next as Cellarmaker has decided to constantly rotate what goes into the fermenters. One thing you can count on when making the trek to this brewery in San Francisco is that they will always have hop-driven beers, since this happens to be one of their favorite styles.

They currently do not bottle but do release kegs to a few selected tap rooms in Northern California. While at the tap room I was impressed with the use of the small space they are working with . The brewery was very clean, staff friendly and clientele quite beer savvy. Although I was impressed with everything I tasted, the three beers that stood out were….

1. Coffee and Cigarettes-Lightly smoked Coffee Porter made w/Sightglass Coffee.  7.7% ABV, 45 IBU

2. Smug Alert-Collab Brew with Voodoo Brewing from Meadville, Pennsylvania.  Hopped intensely with Galaxy, Amarillo and Apollo.  9% ABV, 90 IBUs.

3. Beertender’s Breakfast-Saison with Brett Brux, Brett Drei, and Lactobacillus.  5.4% ABV, 15 IBUs.  Brewed w/ Monk’s Kettle.


photo 2 photo 3Check out their website for more details

– Peter Lopez


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