beershirtThe NorCal Beer Geeks is a Facebook group of beer enthusiasts that come together to share about limited release beers, events and beer news. Bottle shares, blind tastings and beer and food pairings are common amongst this group. Official events are held at a place and time disclosed only to members of the group. Owners of the respective venues supply the location and work with the group to pair the proper food with the beer. The next event is just days away at a downtown location that sold out a week ago. Currently the group has 360 members and is growing daily. It is a closed group so the only way to get in is by being invited by one of the members or being approved by the administrator. You must be 21 years or older and a beer enthusiast that will post strictly about beer related topics on the group page.

Here comes full disclosure. I am the administrator that started the group about 18 months ago. After spending most of my adult life in the beer and wine industry, I took a job offer that pulled me out of it in 2012. It didn’t take very long for me to realize just how much I loved and missed the industry. I remember calling a longtime friend known to many as Ed Hops one evening. I told him that I needed a way to stay connected to the industry and that day, with Mr. Hops’ help the NorCal Beer Geeks was born. With so many Facebook groups, you may be asking yourself what makes this group special. Members include brewers, tap room owners, beer bloggers, distributors, beer buyers and owners of some of Sonoma County’s most popular retailers. Home brewers, beer traders and beer loving fans are the heart of the group and share great posts regularly. I have seen childhood friends reconnect over beer at some of the events as well as perfect strangers bond very quickly over a mutual passion. Are you geeky enough?

– Peter Lopez