National Public Radio found a fun little way to remind people about Daylight Savings Time this weekend (you WILL remember to set the clocks forward on Sunday morning, yes? Good), quoting an IT-related blog on what a difference an hour really makes in our modern society. The authors of the blog Spiceworks decided to take a variety of measures and see how they broke down in our 24-hour day.

Their findings include:

  • Human beings send 6.3 billion emails every hour worldwide.
  • The IT industry earns more than $433 million in revenue worldwide, nearly four times what the entire food service industry earns.
  • Consumers buy nearly 36,000 PCs every hour, and nearly 115,000 smartphones.
  • IT workers earn nearly $28 million in salary in the U.S. alone.

All very well, but we’re here to talk about beer. Fortunately, the authors have that covered.

Americans spend about $9.47 million on beer every single hour, the authors report. That crushes that trendy flavor-of-the-moment, bacon, which racks up a measly $422,000 per hour in U.S. sales.

I’m doing my part. How much of that $9.47 mill do you contribute?

– Sean Scully