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Speaking of new releases, as we just were, Marin Brewing says it is dipping its toe into the pool of Pilsners for the first time, with  the cheekily-named “Hella Art Wah” (any resemblance to any other light, crisp, lagered beer that is pronounced similarly is purely coincidental, no doubt).

“We have made a lot of great beers here at Marin Brewing Company and I thought it would be fun to step out of our comfort zone and develop a pilsner as one of the numerous specialty brews we are doing to celebrate MBC’s 25 years in business,” Brewmaster Arne Johnson said in his release notes. “I am very happy with the end result. It has all the clean, crisp, and favorable qualities I love in a pilsner but also an assertive hop punch to make it one-of-a-kind.”

The beer, true to style, comes in at about 5.6 percent alcohol by volume and uses a combination of German Saphir, German Hallertau, and French Aramis hops. The brewery describes it as “a clean and crisp lager with a firm bitterness and a bold hop flavor for some West Coast flair.

Looks like the beer, which is a limited-time offering, will be available only on draft at the pub in Larkspur.

– Sean Scully