The guys at the irreverent sports website Deadspin decided to rank 36 cheap beers and came up with an amusing list, starting with the bottom. Coming in at 36 was what they deemed “the worst beer currently sold on American soil,” Keystone (not Keystone Light, curiously, which weighs in at 18). They describe Keystone as “augmenting the typical stale/sour flavor profile with notes of brown bananas and green armpits,” and they conclude that  Keystone is “worse than Heineken and murder.”

Topping the list is a beer I have yet to encounter, something called Grain Belt Premium, from Minnesota, which list author Will Gordon described as “a secretly sexy place.” I will have to take his word for it.

Check out the full list at Deadspin. If you’re going to drink Cheap Beer this holiday, at least do so laughing.

– Sean Scully